Our Range of Sensors

Our innovative sensors empower businesses with actionable insights for smarter, more efficient operations.

SmartWorkPlus Sensors

Our sensor technology provides facility managers with unparalleled insights and comprehensive reports. They are equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities for collecting and analysising real-time data, seamlessly integrating into your existing workspace. Our sensors provide a wealth of valuable information on many aspects of facility performance.

Family of SmartWorkPlus Sensors


SIM: Built in SIM connectivity allows the gateway to work independently of your network

Sensor Gateway

Our LoRaWAN-based sensor gateway seamlessly connect LoRa sensors to our cloud-based database. Facility managers can access actionable insights with ease through a centralised portal.

SmartWorkPlus Sensor


Detect: passive infared technology will track motion and activity around the sensor

Environment Sensor

LoRa-based sensor, a compact powerhouse that captures the essence of your workspace. Collecting a treasure trove of GDPR compliant data on heat, light, occupancy, and humidity levels. With its advanced capabilities, it becomes the vigilant eyes and ears of your facility, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of your environment.

SmartWorkPlus Sensor

Desk Availability

Motion: detection sensor is equipped with a thermopile to detect presence based on body heat in addition to motion

Wireless: design allows it to attach to desks unobstructed

Desk Sensors

The SmartWorkPlus Desk Sensors is the perfect balance between data-driven insights and utmost privacy. With its cutting-edge Infrared Technology, this sensor discreetly captures desk utilization data without compromising personal privacy or infringing on GDPR regulations. It operates with utmost respect for individual boundaries, focusing solely on the occupancy status of desks rather than tracking specific movements or personal information.

SmartWorkPlus Sensor

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Our Smart Sensors, reports, and data collection will help you transform your building into an efficient system, learn more from this video.