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SmartWorkPlus Reports

The SmartWorkPlus platform is equipped with an array of powerful reporting tools that transform raw data into actionable insights, revolutionizing facility management. Leveraging the data collected from our comprehensive IoT sensor network, our reporting tools provide facility managers with a deep understanding of their workspace dynamics. Through intuitive visualizations and dashboards, users gain real-time access to key metrics such as occupancy rates, energy consumption, environmental conditions, and more. Armed with these insights, facility managers can identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and implement targeted strategies to improve productivity, enhance occupant comfort, and drive cost savings.

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Temperature Chart

Monitor Temps: Deep dive into your facilities temperature usage.

Room Filtering: Break results down by exact room and floor.


Imagine the power to unlock substantial energy savings and reduce costs with just a few clicks. Our temperature reports on the SmartWorkPlus platform offer facility managers an invaluable tool to achieve precisely that. By leveraging data collected from our IoT sensors, these reports provide a comprehensive view of temperature patterns across the workspace. Armed with this knowledge, facility managers can identify areas of excessive heat energy consumption, optimize HVAC systems, and implement targeted adjustments to reduce waste. Say goodbye to wasted heat energy and hello to substantial cost savings, all at your fingertips on the SmartWorkPlus platform.

SmartWorkPlus Reports

Light Level

Monitor Light levels: Discover exact light levels in your building, room by room.

Room Filtering: Break results down by exact room and location.


Step into a brighter and more sustainable future with our lux level reports, a game-changing tool for facility managers aiming to reduce wasted light energy and cut down on costs. Our SmartWorkPlus platform empowers facility managers with comprehensive insights into the illumination levels across their workspace. With a glance at these reports, you gain a clear understanding of areas where excessive lighting is prevalent, allowing you to fine-tune lighting settings and optimize energy consumption. he lux level reports on our platform are your guiding light to smarter lighting practices, helping you create an environment that maximizes energy savings and reduces unnecessary costs. Welcome to a future where illumination meets efficiency.

SmartWorkPlus Reports

Occupancy Detail By Room

Occupied: See which rooms have been occupied and when

Time: View results in 60 minute or 15 minute time blocks.


Maximize facility efficiency with SmartWorkPlus occupancy reports. Using Passive Infrared Technology, our sensors discreetly monitor occupancy levels, providing insights without compromising privacy. Optimize space allocation, streamline operations, and reduce costs while respecting individual privacy.

SmartWorkPlus Reports

Hourly Detailed

Refresh and Dynamic Hours: Look at an hourly detailed view of your janitorial requirements.


Efficiency meets cleanliness with SmartWorkPlus Janitorial Reports. Facility managers can reduce wasted cleaning time in underutilized areas, reallocating resources where needed most. Accredited by BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science), our reports provide trusted insights, optimizing cleaning operations for a spotless and efficient facility.

SmartWorkPlus Reports

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